Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Stubble in town

One of those days you see the new man in town…a city of dreams and life they call it…being all alien to this place u settle down…new locations ambience…new society…he walks in to an all new education complex for his masters.

How difficult it could be to adapt a all new environment ?? This guy enters with baggy pants and a che guera tshirt…dread locks on this head and pierced all in his ears ..a back pack on his shoulders ..glasses on his eyes and stubbled..

Eyes all around the campus. Exploring the whole new place where he had to be for next three years.He goes in the campus canteen and grabs a coffee and sits and goes though the whole prospectus and thinking what all he had to do in his tenure here.

He then carries all his luggage his room in the hostel and enters his hostel room.. Inisde to his surprise he happens to come across this dude all nerdy ..but handsomely amazing setting his room up. He looks up to him and gives him a strange smile and shakes his hands and he got busy setting up his room.

In the meanwhile even he started setting up his stuff in the room. The day get s over and they have their dinner and go off to sleep. His room mate acts normal and they talk as men usually do. He comes across this lady in college mess very attractive and beautiful and he goes upto her and talks to her. She doesn’t seem to open up much as she finds him all weird..with these dread locks..piercings and stubble..not too impressed by his looks. She finishes her dinner and goes off from the mess. Her room mate understand her gestures and he think he’s to silly to dress up like this on the very first day. He goes out for a smoke and the mean while this guy goes up to the room and puts a shaving foam and a razor on his bed. This was very embarrassing and later he sees his luggage outside the room with a note “ you shave or you crave to live in this room we do not need stubbles in the city. Have a good day.

Wondered what a start to a new journey could end to just for a stubble…
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